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Season’s Greetings from @SWSCmedia

Wishing Everyone the Very Best of the Festive Season… We Thank You for your support and look forward to seeing you in the New Year in our debates… We started @SWSCmedia network on the 11 October 2011 and what a great two months it has been! We initially began with fortnightly #TwitterDebates on the 18 … Continue reading

Welcome to @SWSCmedia’s TwitteRama TwitteRamba Twitter Party

We are happy you could make it and Thank you for joining us this evening. Please read these instructions carefully… We Thank Dr. Jonathan Scourfield and Dr. Martin Webber for our two prizes for this evening. We have 2 Q&A sessions each of which will win one of our 2 prizes. Each correct answer will … Continue reading

Debate Summary for 13-Dec-2011 on Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

Last Tuesday, there was another exciting @SWSCmedia debate with social workers and social care workers from around the global participating. In fact, we had participants from 6 different countries who were keen to engage in discussion and exchange ideas, views and thoughts with regards to our rather timely topic; “Social Work and Social Care Employment … Continue reading

Social work and the recession – a lost generation of social workers? – By Nushra Mansuri

Part of my job includes representing BASW at recruitment job fairs such as Compass and Community Care Live.  One of the saddest things I have come across in the last 12 months or so, is unemployed newly qualified social workers across the country.  Earlier in the year, I participated in a discussion on Radio 5 … Continue reading

Social Work Employment in a Time of Austerity – By Ermintrude2

On Tuesday at 8pm (GMT), there will be a scheduled discussion on Twitter hosted by @swscmedia about employment in the field of social work. This blogpost is written with that discussion in mind and while the last thing I’d want to do, is present myself as an ‘expert’ in the field of employment, I have … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity – By Victoria Dixon

‘Employment prospects in times of austerity’: it feels like one of those terrible jokes where you just don’t get the punch line. That sounds pessimistic I will grant you but sadly there is much to be pessimistic about and it is a battle to remain positive and excited in the face of ‘austerity measures’. Currently … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

The rhetoric of better government services and increased support for vulnerable individuals and their families is contrasted with the harsh reality of significant budget cuts, reduction and/or closure of services, and various reorganisations ranging from merger of services and/or departments to retrenchment of social work and social care workers, unification of middle and top level … Continue reading

Debate Summary for Early Intervention: Concept, Context, Realities and Prospects… (6 December 2011)

Debate Summary for 06- Dec. – 2011 on Early Intervention in Social Work and Social Care Thank you to the wonderful participants in our lively and rich debate… it was another exciting evening with students, practitioners, academics, and organisation from United States University at Buffalo, State University of New York to India coming together to … Continue reading

Early intervention and social class: A critique of the potential for notions of preventative work to reinforce the social control functions of social work…

I have been invited to write an opinion piece for an online debate tomorrow night entitled “Early Intervention: Concept, Context, Reality and Prospects”. Although it is difficult to challenge the idea that those involved with preventative work and early intervention with children and families are often benevolent and seek to provide appropriate support services to … Continue reading

Early Intervention: Concept, Context, Realities and Prospects – Is this the time? – By Nushra Mansuri

In some respects, the concept of early intervention is almost like the Holy Grail to social workers; many of us would dearly love to be engaged in it, recognise the merits of working upstream but in today’s world, opportunities for social workers to be involved in early intervention appear to be beyond our grasp particularly … Continue reading

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