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Are we Praxisioners? – Social Work Praxis – Opinion piece by: Nick Berbiers

Praxis, lest you be unaware, is the Klingon moon, utilised as a key energy production facility, which is foolishly destroyed due to over-mining by those furrow-browed permagrumpies in Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. This tells me three things. One, writer/director Nick Meyer is a fan of Shakespeare. Two, bad karma will be visited upon those … Continue reading

Do Theories Have Any Relevance for Social Work Practice? A Case Example – Opinion Piece by Dr. Nancy Smyth

My best example of the relationship between theory and practice comes from my own work as a clinical social worker doing psychotherapy.  In this case I’ll illustrate the process of changing theories in the middle of working with a client. Background I had been working with a group of colleagues to master Dr. Jeffrey Young’s Schema Therapy. … Continue reading

Praxis, social work and cake…

An ill timed tweet mentioning Paulor Freire’s book Pedagogy of the Oppressed bought an invitation from @swscmedia to contribute an opinion piece to this week’s debate on “The fusion of social work theory, evidence and practice – praxis. It is a busier weekend than I envisaged so this is going to be short and include … Continue reading

Social Work Praxis…

Social Work and Social Care professionals are involved in the lives and everyday lived “reality” of their users of service ranging from identifying their needs, to allocation of resources, to completing a housing form, etc. This closeness to users of service and the practical nature of expected social work outcomes has generated a profound practice … Continue reading

“Best Interest…” – Debate Summary for 24 January 2012

Definition and determination of “Best Interest” is one of the most fundamental and controversial concept in social work and social care, and yesterday’s debate was focused on determination of “Best Interest… ” and questions  such as: What does “Best Interest” signify? How is it defined/determined? and Who determines and/or should determine the “Best Interest…” of users … Continue reading

Best interest assessors – Opinion piece by Joe Godden

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards were inserted in the Mental Capacity Act 2005 through the Mental Health Act 2007, and came into force in April 2009. They were the government’s response to a 2004 European Court of Human Rights ruling, which found that a man with severe autism, HL, had been deprived of his right … Continue reading

In Whose Best Interests? – Opinion piece by Nushra Mansuri

The principle of the best interests of the child has been hailed by many as one of the most important provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  Article 3(1) requires that ‘in all actions concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities … Continue reading

Defining ‘Best Interest…” – Opinion piece by Nick Berbiers

I have selected two examples from experience relating to ‘best interest’. They are perhaps at the more extreme end of the spectrum, but shining a spotlight on the far points sometimes reveal a truth in the centre. When I was a student social worker, I worked with a couple in their eighties who had been … Continue reading

Best Interest…

Determining the “Best Interest” of adults and children is a central focus of social work and social care practice and practitioners. Indeed, few concepts are as central and as controversial as “Best Interest” in social work and social care. Therefore, in our debate today we will aim to explore questions such as: What is best … Continue reading

Debate Summary for 17 January 2012 Re: Integrate or Disintegrate Health & Social Care Services?

Thank you for joining our debate last night (17 January) and we hope you enjoyed the discussion. It was good to have such large number of participants from so many countries take part in the debate. Below is the summary of the debate and we hope to see you Tuesday (24 January) next week at … Continue reading

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