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Support vs. Safeguarding and Care vs. Control…

Social workers have the dual mandate of supporting and safeguarding children and adults as well as their families. However, at times, what a professional may consider as necessary support for a child or an older person, may not be considered as such by the user of service and/or their families. Furthermore, best interest of children has proved to be notoriously difficult to determine.

Therefore, in this week’s debate we will explore the concept of support versus safeguarding as well as care versus control and aim to answer some of the following questions:

What is support and when is support empowering?

What is safeguarding?

What are the implications of the duty of social workers to safeguard children and their families?

What are the relevant issues and some of the differences in relation to care versus control?

When does care turn into control?

How do you distinguish and resolve the conflict between support and safeguarding as well as care and control?

What are some of the practical and professional implications and consequences of these dichotomies?

Join us today at 20:00GMT / 15:00 ET / 12:00 PT @SWSCmedia to discuss these important issues and to share your views in relation to these and other relevant questions.




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