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#SWSCmedia Summary of “Social Work in Media” debate @SWSCmedia on 21-Feb-2012

Thank you everyone for joining us in our debate yesterday.

Our grateful appreciation and gratitude to Annie Hudson (Director of Children and Young People’s Services), Peter Holt (Communications Director at Bristol City Council), and Julia Walton (Media Officer for Bristol City Council) for inspiring us with BBC’s “Protecting Our Children” and for joining us and participating in our debate.

Further, Thanks go to Annie Hudson and Susanne (NQSW at Children Services, Bristol Council) who took the time from their busy schedules for our interviews and to Bristol Council Media office for their support and cooperation.

Below is the summary of the debate. Join us next week Tuesday at 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EDT when we discuss “Social Work and Human Right”.

Once again Thank You everyone for joining us in our debate and we look forward to seeing you in our next debate on Tuesday, 28-Feb-2012 @SWSCmedia.



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