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Debate Summary: Social Workers, Politics, and Political Opinions : 06 March 2012 – a #SWSCmedia Debate @SWSCmedia

Thank you for joining us in another excellent and rich debate @SWSCmedia. Join us next week same day same time when we discuss: Codes of ethics and professional conduct separating the personal and professional.

Due to a technical problem we were not able to capture the opening tweets from @SWSCmedia for the debate. Therefore, we list these tweets here below:

  • Good evening everyone and welcome to our debate @SWSCmedia on “Social Workers, Politics, and Political Opinions” #SWSCmedia
  • #Socialwork interventions and #socialworkers actions are not free from political significance. #SWSCmedia
  • 1 of the fundamental objectives of social work and social workers is to achieve positive social change and greater social justice #SWSCmedia
  • However, social change even if it is positive social change has political ramification and significance. #swscmedia
  • In a sense, any choice or acts of commission or omission have political significance and implications. #swscmedia
  • However, in a world where you can loose your job for tweeting about having a bad day in the office, #SWSCmedia
  • Our 1st Question is: To what extent can socialworkers really engage in politics and express political opinions? #SWSCmedia

Below is the summary of our debate on Social Workers, Politics and Political Opinions:

Join us next week on Tuesday, 13 March 2012, at 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EDT when we discuss “Codes of ethics and professional conduct separating the personal and professional” and share your views @SWSCmedia. As always use the hashtag #SWSCmedia to join the debate.



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