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Celebrating Social Work – by Prof. Harry Ferguson – For a Special Evening with Dr. Ferguson @SWSCmedia (Tuesday, 24-April-2012-04-24) #SWSCmedia

Every day in this country social workers perform countless acts that make a real difference to the lives of thousands of people.  What these social workers do involves kindness, compassion, courage, resilience, cleverness, and extraordinary levels of skill and wisdom.  Social workers routinely meet the extraordinarily difficult challenge of having to balance empathy and compassion … Continue reading

Government urged to act on child protection crisis – @BASW_UK statement Re: Care Applications – #SWSCmedia Debate

Commenting on Cafcass figures showing that the number of local council care applications has passed 10, 000 for the first time, Sue Kent, professional officer British Association of Social Workers, said: “Child protection work is facing a major crisis, soaring referrals yet a government agenda of cuts preventing social workers from doing their jobs properly. “Our members … Continue reading

What is the right number of Care Applications? – Opinion piece by @Itsmotherswork – #SWSCmedia debates

What’s the ‘right’ number of care applications in a year? Does anyone know? I thought not. Cafcass seems to treat 912 applications in January 2012 (the highest number since Cafcass was set up in 2001) as a ‘right’ number. In February 2012 it attributed a 12.4% increase in new applications in the period between April … Continue reading

Does Caring equal taking Children into Care? – #SWSCmedia debate 17-April-2012

Care applications have hit all time high with an increase of 10.8% over the same period last year. This is a huge an alarming increase as it raises the a number of important questions: Is this a reflection of worsening socio-cultural issues? or is it  due to socio-economic factors? Is this attributable to poorer parenting? … Continue reading

#CaseStudy: They left me behind for her… – @SWSCmedia Case Study Series #SWSCmedia

Next week is Emma’s 13th birthday and she is not excited about it. Four years ago Emma’s mother (Laura [see details about Laura’s background]) was additionally diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been on and off with her medication and the continued support from community mental health team and child protection services. Emma’s behaviour has become … Continue reading

What can United Nations do for the Young People? – a #SWSCmedia debate in support of @UN Secretary-General Q&A with Young People

Join us on Tuesday (10 March 2012) and share your views in our discussion:  @UN & Young People. In this discussion we wish to explore the role of United Nations and what it can do for the Young People? How does that relate to Social Work? How does it relate to the Global Agenda for Social … Continue reading

Social Work in Palestine – Presented by Guy Shennan @BASW_UK Conference 30 March 2012 #SWSCmedia #SocialWork

This is the presentation made by Guy Shennan (@GuyShennan) at the Annual Conference of British Association of Social Workers (@BASW_UK) at Stoke-on-Trent on 30 March 2012. SW Palestine Presentation Palestine Social Work Network meeting – Bound, Blindfolded and Convicted – Gerard Horton, lawyer from DCI in Ramallah is on a UK speaking tour and is speaking … Continue reading

A Child to Love Me? – #SWSCmedia Twitter Debate – Case Study Series – #CaseStudy

Laura is 32 and has been diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and suffers from anxiety and depression. She finds it difficult to manage her emotions and her anger. She has 4 sisters and was in her own words “the last chance for her mother to have a boy”. A year after Laura’s birth her … Continue reading

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