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Fatima’s story… Will you tell? – #SWSCmedia #CaseStudy Series – 2012-05-27

It has been nearly 5 months since, Fatima, a close personal friend whom you have known for several years and who has helped you through a number of difficulties, has joined your team. Fatima is a new graduate and given the difficulty in finding new jobs, Fatima was delighted to join your team.

Fatima is a very religious woman. She has had an arranged marriage and is strongly in favour of arranged marriage. In various occasions, she has also told you that as a caring mother, when her children are of the right age, she will choose appropriate husband/wife for them.

Yesterday, Fatima was assigned the case of a young adult who has fled her parents due to being forced by her family to marry a person whom she did not want to marry.

No one in the team knows about Fatima’s views regarding arranged marriage, therefore, yesterday evening you had a conversation with Fatima and suggested that given her views about this matter, it may be better to ask for the case to be reassigned to another social worker. She was very upset about your suggestion and refused to do so. She added that you talk about anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice but you were being oppressive toward her and were discriminating against her religion. She also mentioned that she will investigate this case carefully, however, “… the young girl should understand that her parents want the best for her.”

Last night you reflected carefully on your conversation with Fatima and you felt that Fatima is biased in this case and that the case should be reassigned. However, you are well aware that if you speak to anyone else about this then you may end up betraying a good friend who has helped you through very difficult times.

Fatima has had a hard time adjusting to the fast pace of the team and has received one official warning from your manager with regards to erroneously sending a report to someone who should not have had that information.

As a new employee of the local authority, Fatima is on a standard 6 months probation before becoming a permanent employee of the agency, and given the staunch feminist stance of your team manager, you are concerned that revealing Fatima’s views may result in your manager concluding that she is unsuitable for the team and therefore, terminating her employment.

This will affect Fatima and her children very negatively as they do need her income.

What is you analysis of the situation and what do you think is the best way forward?

Will you tell?

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