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Tweets from Gender Debate with Prof. Brigid Featherstone (Brigid39) & Prof. Jonathan Scourfield (@ProfJScourfield) on 17-July-2012

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views in another rich and lively debate @SWSCmedia. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Our special Thank You to our very special guests Prof. Jonathan Scourfield (@ProfJScourfield) and Prof. Brigid Featherstone (@Brigid39) who shared their knowledge, expertise and wisdom on Gender.

Gender is a huge and complex topic that intersects with every phase of life.

Gender is carved deeply in our identities and individual and social psyche. Gender is expressed is expressed in appearances, performance, social structures, hierarchies, thoughts, words, nonverbal cues, and the  way we negotiate space and proximities. Research indicates that the effect of gender is so profound that even the most staunch feminists’ thinking is subject to gender bias and while we strive for better understanding gender and challenging the structures of patriarchy, we are constrained by our gendered thinking. This, once again, highlights the importance of reflective thinking and a self-aware reflexive engagement. Since we cannot do away with our gendered and coloured perceptual lens… we can strive to gain awareness of its filtering effect.

Below is the summary of our debate on gender and we look forward to seeing you in our case study debate tomorrow (22-July-2012) at 6:00 PM UK / 1:00 PM EDT.

We also look forward to seeing you on Tuesday (24-July-2012)  for a debate on Private vs Public Health and Social care and whether it makes a difference. While, on the following Tuesday (31-July-2012) we will have a special evening with Malcolm Payne and will discuss Pallative care.

Below is the summary of our Gender debate:

Join us tomorrow for a Case Study and on Tuesday for a debate on Public versus Private Health and Social Care… Who care? and Does it make any difference? @SWSCmedia

Follow @SWSCmedia for more news and updates.



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