Domestic Violence

Gender and Domestic Violence… – A Domestic Violence Debate @SWSCmedia

In today’s debate we wish to examine the relationship between gender and domestic violence and whether in a gendered society we should have a gender-neutral or a gender-specific approach to domestic violence?

There is much that can be said about domestic violence however, one of its’ most important and distinctive features is its hidden nature. The shocking BBC report and interview with a woman left blind after her then boyfriend gouged her eyes, testifies to the painful silence of many of its’ victims.

Domestic violence is perpetrated by both men and women and its victims comprise men, women, and children. The video below is an example of domestic violence perpetrated by a woman against her male partner:

We will have two opinion pieces later today in relation to domestic violence and in our debate we shall focus on some of the following questions:

Is domestic violence a serious crime?

What are some of the dynamics of domestic violence?

What are some of the important considerations and/or mediating factors influencing domestic violence?

What are some of the theoretical explanations and perspectives in relation to domestic violence?

What are some of the explanatory models in relation to domestic violence?

What are some of the intervention models and methods for domestic violence?

What is the cross-section of gender and domestic violence?

Is domestic violence a cultural problem?


Join us for a special Domestic Violence and Gender  @SWSCmedia Today (Friday, 27-July-2012) at 12:00 noon UK / 7:00 AM EDT @SWSCmedia.



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