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Social Media for Social Work and the ethics of online engagment – An evening with BASW (@BASW_UK) @SWSCmedia

Social-Media-AppsThe increasing use of social media and its applications have dramatically changed and continue to change the manner in which people communicate and exchange information. This has brought about significant developments as well as challenges for everyone including those not present on social media.

Therefore, in today’s debate we are pleased to have @BASW_UK as our special guest as we discuss social workers’ use of social media and its implications.

Hence, in today’s debate we wish to explore different aspects of social media use with particular attention to its implications and possible dilemmas and consequences for professionals and practitioners as well as their clients/service users.

Below are some of the possible questions for today’s debate:

  1. Is there a need for social media policies and user guides or is it something that is learned experientially and therefore, should be left to individuals?
  2. What can you do if you have been named on a social worker hate site?
  3. What to do if a child breaches a contact order using social media?
  4. Is it ok to check up on client’s/service user’s use of social media to see what their lifestyle is really like? (e.g. Drinking and/or alcohol misuse, drug use and other substance misuse, etc.)  NB. This was a factor in Baby Peter Connelly case, as one of the perpetrators was ‘hidden’ from social services but mentioned on social media?
  5. Is it ok to swear on Twitter, if it’s non-work related?
  6. Can/Should I join in exchanges/discussions criticising celebrities or naming anonymous paedophiles like Savile, etc.?
  7. What if I feel really strongly about an issue? Am I not entitled to my own opinion in my free time?
  8. How can I keep my private and professional identities separate? Am I not entitled to a private life?
  9. Can/Should I write an anonymous blog about my working life?
  10. A former service user wants to ‘friend’ me on Facebook; we had a good relationship, should I accept the friend offer?
  11. Is it ok to post pictures taken in the office online?
  12. What about my membership of other organisations, such as a political party or a social club? Is it ok to reveal that online?
  13. I suspect my colleague is leaking information/ behaving inappropriately online, what should I do?
  14. What should I do and who should I go to, if I suspect a child/adult is being exploited or bullied online?

Join us and share your views and experiences regarding these and other relevant questions @SWSCmedia today 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST / 12:00 Noon PST.



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