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Mommy bloggers and children’s right to privacy: an evening with Sarah Kendzior

mommy-bloggerIn her article “Mommy bloggers: A child’s right to online privacy” Sarah Kendzior raises a number of important points in relation to children’s online privacy such as:

“Some mommy bloggers have argued that their need for total honesty trumps the responsibility to protect their child’s identity.”

Sarah argues that mothers hold the key to protecting children’s privacy and states:

“The greatest threat to children’s privacy online does not come from corporations. It comes from parents – specifically, the self-described “mommy bloggers” who reveal the most personal details of their children’s lives on the internet, often using their real names and photos.”

Therefore, Sarah will join us in tonight’s debate to discuss her views as we explore questions such as:

  1. Should mothers, and parents in general, post detailed blogs about their children’s lives? When is this appropriate and when does it infringe on their children’s privacy?
  2. Are some mothers using their children as a means for personal advantage?
  3. Are mothers blogging about their children preparing for an increasingly digital world, or is this a sign of attention seeking on their part?
  4. What are the limits of online privacy and engagement for children?

Join us with Sarah Kendzior (@sarahkendzior) tonight 8:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST to explore these and other relevant questions @SWSCmedia.



3 thoughts on “Mommy bloggers and children’s right to privacy: an evening with Sarah Kendzior

  1. ‘Mommy Bloggers’-cute title, but the blog should be about themself (the mom) with few details about their children and certainly few to no photos. Talk or share in broad strokes. One has to be cautious as to what they put out there in social media for others to see and in the future, will the children of these moms be ok with the fact that so much information was shared about their lives?
    Everyone deserves privacy. Like the discussion related to SW and social media-again caution with what is shared and certainly with respect to privacy. While some people in society do not know how to set or use the privacy controls in/on their various social media forums they should learn or have someone teach them.

    Posted by 97socialworker | January 30, 2013, 7:10 pm
  2. My husband and I struggle with this topic frequently. We have so many pictures and cute movies of the kids but have yet to share through the blog. I post some on Facebook but only very carefully. I’m ethically torn on this…

    Posted by Charlie Hendricks | March 1, 2013, 3:43 am


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