Social Work and Social Care Live Twitter Debates:

@SWSCmedia is a knowledge community of practice that brings Social Work and Social Care practitioners, organisations, academics, researchers, students, policy makers, users of service and other allied professionals, stakeholders or enthusiasts and interested parties together, to discuss issues, innovations, opportunities, dilemmas and challenges as well as relevant developments in relation to Social Work and/or Social Care.

How to join the debate (Please read the notes below in full):

  1. Simply click this link #SWSCmedia to see all the tweets and follow the debate.
  2. When you tweet make sure to include the hashtag #SWSCmedia in your tweets.
  3. At times tweets are slightly delayed (depending on how busy Twitter.com computer may be) so it may be advisable to use this link @SWSCMedia in order to see the questions and some of the answers faster.

Below is a more detailed explanation with step by step guide:

  1. To participate in the debate, type #swscmedia in the search box at the top of your twitter screen and press enter or press the search button (search button is the little lens on the right-hand-side of the search box). You will then be able to see all tweets that have #swscmedia in their text;
  2. To share your views or respond to a point or a question or to share your ideas/views please make sure you include #swscmedia in the text of your tweet. This will ensure that others who are following the debate are able to see your tweet.

At times the tweets in the search streams may be slightly delayed therefore, we suggest that you open a second browser tab on your computer and do the following on that screen:

  1. Type @SWSCmedia in the search box at the top of your twitter screen and press enter or press the search button (search button is the little lens on the right-hand-side of the search box). You will then be able to see all tweets that have  @SWSCmedia in their text;
  2. When you respond or do a tweet include both of the words: @SWSCmedia as well as  #swscmedia in your tweet. This will ensure that everyone can see your answers and that those following @SWSCmedia stream can see your tweet and can respond to it.

Remember traditional debates are structured and linear, meaning people speak in turn and follow a given line of thought (a linear line of thought). However, some of the greatest ideas, learnings and discoveries have been uncovered through unstructured and lateral thinking.

Therefore, to enable wider range of perspectives and greater creativity and to encourage lateral thinking, @SWSCmedia debates are unstructured and non-linear debates, where a number of parallel thoughts and views are expressed more or less at the same time and you can react and/or interact with anyone and respond to any questions, thoughts and/or ideas. This challenges everyone to think more dynamically and to consider different aspects, approaches, and perspectives in relation to a given issue, idea, problem, or phenomenon.

So the best way to engage in our debates is to respond to @SWSCmedia questions and to react and interact with everyone.

There will be a debate summary after each debate which will contain most of the tweets for the day.

Unfortunately, if you do not follow the above instructions your tweets will not be seen by others and will not be included in the debate or its’ summary.

Comment Policy:

We are an open access knowledge and learning community and welcome all views, perspectives, ideas, theories, and more….

We welcome your comments on our blogs and your participation in our debates and we will publish all comments so long as they are not libellous, defamatory, discriminatory, offensive, oppressive, or intimidatory in any way and toward any individual, organisation, entity, identity, group, or others.

We value your contributions and appreciate sharing your views and perspective about concepts, ideas, principles, ethics, and more….

@SWSCmedia debates are exciting and engaging opportunities for learning through sharing while meeting colleagues and professionals from across the globe and making new friends.

We look forward to seeing you in our debates every Tuesday at 20:00 London / 15:00 New York and every Sunday 18:00 London / 13:00 New York @SWSCmedia.

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