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Rape and Abortion Rights… Debate Summary @SWSCMedia

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “Rape and Abortion Rights Debate” @SWSCmedia. This was the first of our new U.S.A. & Canada debates series @SWSCmedia. It was a lively evening with excellent contributions from brilliant participants. Therefore, we look forward to your participation in our next debate on Wednesday (Sept. 12) … Continue reading

Rape and Sexual Violence… Debate Summary

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “Rape and Sexual Violence”. This was part of the @SWSCmedia debate series. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to seeing you in our weekly debates @SWSCmedia next Tuesday (11 September 2012) 8:00 PM BST (UK) / 3:00 PM EDT / 12:00 PT. Summary of the … Continue reading

Rape and Abortion Rights… @SWSCmedia debate in collaboration with @NPSW

This is the first of @SWSCMEDIA‘s U.S. Debate Series which will be run every Wednesday (8:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT) in collaboration with Network of Professional Social Workers (@NPSW). Rape is the epitome of masculine domination and perhaps the utmost hegemonic expression of the patriarchal legacy. Indeed, given its’ profound socio-cultural implications, the … Continue reading

Reflection on Foucault and Feminism: We should ask and critically address the hard questions if we are to change the status quo

Yesterday, referring to Foucault views and the various feminist perspectives including Susan Brownmiller’s, I raised Foucault’s question “Is rape the same as a punch in the face?”  My reference to that question was motivated by two factors: firstly, as I’ll describe later in this blog post, I think it is outrageous that some people seem … Continue reading

Why do men rape? – An opinion piece by Christine Crowstaff

In rural villages all over DR Congo you will find women who have been victims of rape. The stories are endless. Of how soldiers of one militia or other have used rape as a weapon of war and violence. In the UK, in April, Brian Witty was found guilty for a series of date rapes. … Continue reading

Rape and Sexual Violence… The legacy of a patriarchal sexuality.

On Tuesday (21 August 2012) Hadley Freeman wrote an article entitled “Everyone’s talking about rape” and it certainly did feel like that, as we saw different politicians on both sides of the pond assert their opinions regarding rape. First it was Todd Akin with his infamous interview making reference to what he called a “legitimate … Continue reading

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