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He Loves me… That’s why… – A Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence Case Study @SWSCmedia

Case Study Jenny is a 15 year old girl who has been having  a difficult time at home.  Her Dad has a short temper and gets angry often and in Jenny’s words “…some times he just flips. You’ll never know why” and “when he’s angry somebody is gonna get it….” Jenny doesn’t like this violence … Continue reading

Summary of Domestic Violence and Gender Debate on 27 July 2012

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views in our special domestic violence and gender debate @SWSCmedia. This is an important topic that continues to affect a large number of children, adults and families. Below is the summary of our debate on gender and we look forward to seeing you in our case study … Continue reading

The Hidden Crime… Gender and Domestic Violence… – Domestic Violence Debate @SWSCmedia

Join us for a special Domestic Violence and Gender  @SWSCmedia Today (Friday, 27-July-2012) at 12:00 noon UK / 7:00 AM EDT @SWSCmedia. Domestic violence is widespread and its effects are pervasive. Practice and research in domestic violence have resulted in a greater appreciation of the complexities in understanding the impacts of domestic violence on children and the ways … Continue reading

Gender and Domestic Violence… – A Domestic Violence Debate @SWSCmedia

In today’s debate we wish to examine the relationship between gender and domestic violence and whether in a gendered society we should have a gender-neutral or a gender-specific approach to domestic violence? There is much that can be said about domestic violence however, one of its’ most important and distinctive features is its hidden nature. … Continue reading

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