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What’s Ahead for Social Work This Coming Year? Opinion Piece by Dr. Nancy Smyth – A #SWSCmedia debate

Welcoming in a new year always brings a chance to consider what might be up ahead. Given who I am, many (but not all) of my predictions relate to social work and technology. This is not to suggest that these are the only notable trends for this year, only that this is what I’m noticing … Continue reading

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Social Media – By Claudia Megele

Social work operates within a knowledge economy and one in which its practitioners are expected to take responsibility for their own training and development. But, even in this age of social media-borne knowledge, the profession seems to lack the cultural orientation and fundamental awareness and expertise in knowledge transfer and knowledge management. It is vital, … Continue reading

Social Media & Social Work: @SWSCmedia: Bringing Social Workers Together Globally By Linda Grobman

With the rapidly changing technology all around us, it seems that new online social work communities and resources are springing up all the time. One such community and a leading resource in this area is @SWSCmedia. According to its Web site at, “@SWSCmedia is a knowledge community of practice that brings social work and … Continue reading

Social work and end-of-life care: issues for debate @SWSCmedia – Opinion piece by Malcolm Payne

Join us for a Special Evening  @SWSCmedia on Palliative and End-of-Life care with Malcolm Payne (@MalcolmPayne) on Tuesday (31-July-2012) at 8:00 PM BST (UK) / 3:00 PM EDT @SWSCmedia. Planning for living needs to include planning for dying. End-of-life care is not a specialised area of medicine, involving a few specialised social workers working in hospices and hospitals. … Continue reading

Debate on: The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development – and World Social Work Day 20-March-2012 – #SWSCmedia Debate @SWSCmedia

Next week there a are a number of events and important events and activities (both online and face-to-face) to celebrate Social Work Week #SWweek, beginning with World Social Work Day #WSWDay (Tuesday, 20 March 2012) to United Nations’ Social Work Day #UNSWDay (Monday, 26 March 2012). Therefore, our topic for next week’s debate (20-Mar-2012) is the “Global Agenda for Social … Continue reading

The ‘Politics’ of Social Work – By Nushra Mansuri @BASW_UK

First of all, I just want to say, what a great choice of subject which evokes endless debate having relevance to both previous decades and generations of social workers which for some, defines both what social work is and who social workers are today.  I have been asked to consider to what extent can social … Continue reading

Social work without politics – and for my next trick, farming without land – Opinion Piece by Allan Norman

Social work without politics? Is this a joke? Does anyone think you can do social work without political opinions? Here are three reasons why I can’t: my opinions are political; social work is political; and persuading people is part of my social work toolkit. My opinions are political When I was a social work student … Continue reading

The problem with political rhetoric in social work – An opinion piece by Prof. Jonathan J. Scourfield

I can’t join this week’s #SWSCmedia debate on social work and politics, but would like to make a contribution, so have written this rather polemical piece. Let’s hope it helps to spark some debate. As a social work academic, I often mark assignments where practitioners try to make connections between social work theory and practice. … Continue reading

Social Workers, Politics, and Political Opinions – A #SWSCmedia debate @SWSCmedia (06 March 2012)

The question of the extent to which social workers can participate in politics and political discussion and/or express political opinions is a challenging and difficult one. In fact, one of the fundamental objectives of social work and social workers is to achieve positive social change and greater social justice which clearly has political implications and … Continue reading

#SWSCmedia Summary of Student Debate: “What do Students want from their Placement, Practice Educators, and Clinical Supervisors?” @SWSCmedia on 04-Mar-2012

Thank you for participating in our “Student Debate” and sharing your views on what students want from their placements, practice educators, and clinical supervisors? This debate was Co-Chaired by three of our Tweeteraties and Twitter Ambassadors: @sasemwills & @ManishaMahen & @lillieputian. Below is the summary of the debate however, there are tweets that did not … Continue reading

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