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Affordable Care Act: Forward or Rollback?

Affordable Care Act is a truly historic legislation with vast and far reaching implications/consequences that will transform the health care landscape in America. For instance focusing on the population of older adults in America, research suggests that for an older American adults (aged over 65), there is a 70% chance that they require some form … Continue reading

Social Care, Social Work and the Rights of the Older People – Opinion piece by: Joe Godden

For the past several years many of the conversations I have had with colleagues and members of the public have been about the state of health and social care services for older people. Hardly anyone I know in my age group – mid 50’s has not been affected personally. The old adage – you don’t … Continue reading

Integrate or disintegrate? – Opinion piece by Nick Berbiers

Oh the horror….the horror….I only have to hear the merest muted whisper of the word ‘integration’ and the toe-curling, seat-wriggling, cold-sweat-inducing memory just bursts back in all its shameful splendour. We shall call it ‘the integration episode’. It is 1998, a scorching hot day, and I am on a Q&A platform at the culmination of … Continue reading

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