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Public versus Private Health and Social Care… Challenges, Opportunities, and Realities… – @SWSCmedia Debate

The UK National Health Service (NHS) was established in 1948 as a universal service free at the point of delivery and available on the basis of need. This system replaced a fragmented, highly inequitable provision based on a system of charity, municipalities, and private services. This resulted in considerable divergence between health care policy and … Continue reading

Tweets from Gender Debate with Prof. Brigid Featherstone (Brigid39) & Prof. Jonathan Scourfield (@ProfJScourfield) on 17-July-2012

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views in another rich and lively debate @SWSCmedia. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Our special Thank You to our very special guests Prof. Jonathan Scourfield (@ProfJScourfield) and Prof. Brigid Featherstone (@Brigid39) who shared their knowledge, expertise and wisdom on Gender. Gender is a … Continue reading

Shallow Slumber – A Review by: @SocialWorkSmurf

As a first year student social worker, I was eager to attend the opening night of Shallow Slumber at the Soho Theatre in Dean Street, as the play was written by practising social worker Chris Lee. I knew that he’d written it in response to the bad press and culture of blame that has cast … Continue reading

What is in store for Social Work and Social Care in 2012? (Twitter Debate 2012-01-10)

Welcome to the first of our weekly debates for 2012. It was excellent to see the rapidly growing number and range of our participants and we would like to Thank You all for your great participation. Last Tuesday’s debate was as rich and exciting as always with participants coming from ten different countries: Australia, Canada, Indonesia, … Continue reading

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