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Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

Thank you for joining @SWSCmedia debate on Frontline and for sharing your views.  We are very pleased to have offered the first public open debate about Frontline where all participants could express their views directly to Josh MacAlister (the Founder and project lead for Frontline). We also would like to thank Josh MacAlister for participating in … Continue reading

Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

There has been much said about Frontline, the newly proposed fast-track social work qualifying programme, in different papers and media including the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Independent, and there have also been various consultations. However, there has never been the opportunity for professionals, social workers, users and providers of services, academics, organisation and … Continue reading

Frontline Project and Social Work: An opinion piece by Josh MacAlister for @SWSCmedia Debate

It’s been an exciting and busy time for Frontline over the last few weeks and we have high hopes for the future. I am now working full time to make Frontline, a programme to boost the number of high potential graduates and career switchers in children’s social work, a reality. Never far from my thoughts … Continue reading

Improving the dialogue between research and social work practice: Opinion Piece by Prof. Jonathan Scourfield – A #SWSCmedia debate

Few would disagree that there should be better dialogue between research and practice in social work, leading to practice which is better informed by evidence. How to achieve this change is a difficult question, however. In this brief piece I will suggest just a few possible measures. To achieve lasting change, a much broader strategy … Continue reading

Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health, Social Work, and Social Care – @SWSCMedia Debate Summary

Thank you for joining the debate and sharing your views on “Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health, Social Work, and Social Care professions” @SWSCmedia. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views on: “The Conception of Childhood and Children’s Rights” @SWSCmedia on Tuesday (9 October 2012) 8:00 PM UK / 3:00 PM … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Media Ethics By Nushra Mansuri @BASW_UK

The emergence of social media has revolutionised how we communicate with one another and how information is transmitted and shared.  No longer are we solely consumers of the media but now also producers.  I think this goes way beyond Andy Warhol’s vision of one day everyone being famous and having their 15 minutes.  Whilst I … Continue reading

Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health & Social Work/Social Care Professions

@SWSCMedia is hosting a special debate tomorrow evening on Social Work/Social Care/Health and Social Media Ethics. During this debate we will explore the ethical implications of social media engagement for health, social work and social care professions and professionals, and will discuss a number of critical issues including whether social media engagement should be regulated, … Continue reading

Social Media & Social Work: @SWSCmedia: Bringing Social Workers Together Globally By Linda Grobman

With the rapidly changing technology all around us, it seems that new online social work communities and resources are springing up all the time. One such community and a leading resource in this area is @SWSCmedia. According to its Web site at, “@SWSCmedia is a knowledge community of practice that brings social work and … Continue reading

Sexual Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities – @SWSCmedia Debate Summary

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “Sexual Abuse of People with Learning Disabilities”. This was part of the @SWSCmedia debate series. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to seeing you Sunday (19 August 2012) when we explore: “Inter-agency Working” @SWSCmedia 6:00 PM BST (UK) / 1:00 PM EDT (Eastern Time USA). Summary … Continue reading

Defining Identities: Ability & Disability – A Case Study debate @SWSCmedia

Last February in an article entitled: “Obese woman demanding 50 hours care a week ‘went to pop concert‘” the article’s subheading read: A morbidly obese woman who says she needs help getting out of bed in the morning managed to make it to see her favourite boy band – The Wanted – in concert, a … Continue reading

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