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‘What is in store for Social Work, Social Care and Health?’ Opinion Piece by Glen Gaugh – A #SWSCmedia debate

We will face no shortage of social needs in 2013. From any standpoint of practice, knowledge, or belief, the challenges will be more and greater than they have been in any previous time. So the need for competent, compassionate social workers will go on. As I consider what will be in store for the profession … Continue reading

Improving the dialogue between research and social work practice: Opinion Piece by Prof. Jonathan Scourfield – A #SWSCmedia debate

Few would disagree that there should be better dialogue between research and practice in social work, leading to practice which is better informed by evidence. How to achieve this change is a difficult question, however. In this brief piece I will suggest just a few possible measures. To achieve lasting change, a much broader strategy … Continue reading

HCPC and Social Workers’ Registration, Regulation, and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Thank you for joining the debate and for sharing your views regarding HCPC and Social Workers’ registration, regulation, and Continuous Professional Develop (CPD). Also our great appreciation goes to HCPC and particularly Marc Seale (HCPC CEO & Registrar) and Mark Potter (HCPC Stakeholder Communications Manager) for joining us in the debate and answering the many … Continue reading

HCPC: Continuing professional development (CPD) and your HCPC registration – By Mark Potter (Stakeholder Communications Manager at HCPC)

Our standards for continuing professional development are very different to the General Social Care Council’s (GSCC) system of post registration training and learning (PRTL). This system required social workers to undertake ninety hours or fifteen days of learning over the three years of their GSCC registration. Our approach is to focus on the benefits of … Continue reading

HCPC: Why social workers in England must register with their new regulator – By Marc Seale (CEO & Registrar HCPC)

Social workers in England have a new regulator following the abolition of the General Social Care Council (GSCC). The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is now responsible for regulating social workers in England along with health and psychological professionals from many backgrounds and disciplines. As a multi-professional regulator of over 300,000 individuals we take … Continue reading

Debate Summary for 13-Dec-2011 on Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

Last Tuesday, there was another exciting @SWSCmedia debate with social workers and social care workers from around the global participating. In fact, we had participants from 6 different countries who were keen to engage in discussion and exchange ideas, views and thoughts with regards to our rather timely topic; “Social Work and Social Care Employment … Continue reading

Social work and the recession – a lost generation of social workers? – By Nushra Mansuri

Part of my job includes representing BASW at recruitment job fairs such as Compass and Community Care Live.  One of the saddest things I have come across in the last 12 months or so, is unemployed newly qualified social workers across the country.  Earlier in the year, I participated in a discussion on Radio 5 … Continue reading

Social Work Employment in a Time of Austerity – By Ermintrude2

On Tuesday at 8pm (GMT), there will be a scheduled discussion on Twitter hosted by @swscmedia about employment in the field of social work. This blogpost is written with that discussion in mind and while the last thing I’d want to do, is present myself as an ‘expert’ in the field of employment, I have … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity – By Victoria Dixon

‘Employment prospects in times of austerity’: it feels like one of those terrible jokes where you just don’t get the punch line. That sounds pessimistic I will grant you but sadly there is much to be pessimistic about and it is a battle to remain positive and excited in the face of ‘austerity measures’. Currently … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

The rhetoric of better government services and increased support for vulnerable individuals and their families is contrasted with the harsh reality of significant budget cuts, reduction and/or closure of services, and various reorganisations ranging from merger of services and/or departments to retrenchment of social work and social care workers, unification of middle and top level … Continue reading

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