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Gun Control: What are the issues? & Is it a Question of Civil Liberties? @SWSCmedia debate

Gun control has been a persistent debate for at least half a century in US, beginning with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to the recent shooting and killing of children and adults in Newtown, Connecticut. In that period one of the most effective legislation was … Continue reading

Why BASW developed a Social Media Policy – By Fran McDonnell (BASW Policy Officer)

Social media is a growing issue for social workers, in terms of how they employ these communications platforms in their professional and personal lives. We see its prevalence in discussions about our case work, in the press, in debates at conferences and, of course, in social media discussions. As the professional association for social work … Continue reading

Bridging the social media divide – an Opinion piece by Nushra Mansuri (Professional Officer BASW)

Technology is firmly now part and parcel of our daily lives, embedded in our culture and transcending our whole lives – professional, personal and those grey areas in between. So what are the rules of engagement for those of us who are either qualified and registered social workers or those on the pathway to qualification? … Continue reading

Social Media for Social Work and the ethics of online engagment – An evening with BASW (@BASW_UK) @SWSCmedia

The increasing use of social media and its applications have dramatically changed and continue to change the manner in which people communicate and exchange information. This has brought about significant developments as well as challenges for everyone including those not present on social media. Therefore, in today’s debate we are pleased to have @BASW_UK as … Continue reading

Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health, Social Work, and Social Care – @SWSCMedia Debate Summary

Thank you for joining the debate and sharing your views on “Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health, Social Work, and Social Care professions” @SWSCmedia. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views on: “The Conception of Childhood and Children’s Rights” @SWSCmedia on Tuesday (9 October 2012) 8:00 PM UK / 3:00 PM … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Media Ethics By Nushra Mansuri @BASW_UK

The emergence of social media has revolutionised how we communicate with one another and how information is transmitted and shared.  No longer are we solely consumers of the media but now also producers.  I think this goes way beyond Andy Warhol’s vision of one day everyone being famous and having their 15 minutes.  Whilst I … Continue reading

Ethical implications of Social Media engagement for Health & Social Work/Social Care Professions

@SWSCMedia is hosting a special debate tomorrow evening on Social Work/Social Care/Health and Social Media Ethics. During this debate we will explore the ethical implications of social media engagement for health, social work and social care professions and professionals, and will discuss a number of critical issues including whether social media engagement should be regulated, … Continue reading

#SWSCMedia Debate Summary: Internet & Child Abuse Offenders – what are the current challenges? With Special Guest Mark Williams-Thomas

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “The Internet & Child Abuse Offenders – what are the current challenges?” @SWSCmedia. It was a lively evening with excellent contributions and our thanks and appreciation to our special guest Mark Williams-Thomas who joined us for the evening. Therefore, we look forward to your participation … Continue reading

The Internet & Child Abuse Offenders – what are the current challenges? – Opinion piece by Mark Williams-Thomas

The Internet has created a global gateway and market, with no boundaries or distances to travel. As a result the policing of online child abuse offenders has required a co-ordinated international policing response. So how big is the problem of child abuse material online, and is their a direct link between viewing child abuse material … Continue reading

Childhood & Media – Part of @SWSCmedia #CyberStudies & #Liminality Series + #Childhood Studies

From the fourth in a series of Safegaurding conferences hosted by Bath Spa University, in association with David Niven Associates. (Courtesy of David Niven Associates). In an entertaining talk Jim Gamble said that the people attending the conference had the chance to shape public policy and opinion on crucial issues relating to child welfare and … Continue reading

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