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Debate Summary for 15-Nov-2011 on Supervision in Social Work and Social Care

Thank you to all those who joined the debate and contributed to such a lively and rich discussion. We are very happy to see our fast growing number of participants and the expanding range of professions and professionals involved in the debate (ranging from social work and social care to nursing, housing, health services, and … Continue reading

Supervision in Social Work

In advance of an the SWSCmedia chat on supervision (15/11/2011 – 8pm GMT), I thought I’d share some thoughts of my own experiences of supervising and of being supervised. I’m not a manager but I am a Practice Educator so my experience of supervising is around supervising students rather than other practitioners and I have … Continue reading

The other supervisions – By Nick Berbiers

[Note: We in social work / social care remain unresolved as to what we call people who receive services. Terms such as clients, service users, and cases all arise. I do not like referring to people as ‘cases’, but discovered to my frustration when writing this that unless I used terms such as ‘case’ ‘caseload’ … Continue reading

Some Reflection on Supervision – by David McKendrick

Interview between James Corden and Lily Allen Hopefully the above link takes you to an interview between James Corden and Lily Allen and perhaps even more hopefully I can explain why I used it. In the interview Corden manages to divert Allen away from what she was intending talking about. My guess is it was … Continue reading

Supervision: Concept, Content and Context

“Social work supervision is considered as one of the most important factors in determining job satisfaction levels of social workers and the quality of service to clients” (Source SCIE) Social Work Reform Board underlining the importance of regular and uninterrupted supervision state that supervision should: Improve the quality of decision-making and interventions. Enable effective line … Continue reading

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