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What is in store for Social Work, Social Care and Health in 2013? Debate Summary – 8 January 2013

Thank you for joining the debate and for sharing your views on the prospects of Social Work, Social Care, and Health in 2013. It was an excellent way to start our debates in 2013… and to look forward to another year of learning and sharing and exciting and lively debates. Below is the summary of the debate … Continue reading

What is in store for Social Work, Social Care and Health in 2013?

2012 has been an eventful year for social care, social work and health as each of these sectors saw significant changes in policy and legislation ranging from the so called welfare to workfare policy, to implementation of Munro’s much awaited recommendations, to establishment of new commissioning system and the local Health and Wellbeing Boards.  Reflecting … Continue reading

Social Work & Social Media & Apps – @SWSCMedia Debate Summary

Thank you for joining the debate on “Social Work and Social Media Apps” @SWSCmedia and for sharing your views. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views on: “The Conception of Childhood and Children’s Rights” @SWSCmedia on Tuesday (9 October 2012) 8:00 PM UK / 3:00 PM ET. Summary of Debate on: Social Work … Continue reading

Affordable Care Act: Forward or Rollback?

Affordable Care Act is a truly historic legislation with vast and far reaching implications/consequences that will transform the health care landscape in America. For instance focusing on the population of older adults in America, research suggests that for an older American adults (aged over 65), there is a 70% chance that they require some form … Continue reading

Debate Summary for 17 January 2012 Re: Integrate or Disintegrate Health & Social Care Services?

Thank you for joining our debate last night (17 January) and we hope you enjoyed the discussion. It was good to have such large number of participants from so many countries take part in the debate. Below is the summary of the debate and we hope to see you Tuesday (24 January) next week at … Continue reading

Integrating Health & Social Care: How Can Social Work Meet the Challenge? – Opinion piece by Dr. Nancy Smyth

The Western health care system is broken. The ways in which it is broken and the degree to which it is broken vary from country to country (and within countries), but the reality remains that costs continue to rise and people continue to receive care that is fragmented, incomplete, and sometimes inappropriate. And in some … Continue reading

Integrate or Disintegrate: Prospects, Challenges, Opportunities, and Realities of Health and Social Care Integration…

In the past decade there has been increasing talk of integration and integrated service delivery for health and social care in UK and many other countries. Therefore, in our next @SWSCmedia debate on Tuesday (17 January) at 20:00 GMT / 15:00 EST, we’ll try to explore some relevant questions in relation to the prospects, possibilities, … Continue reading

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