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Social Media for Social Work and the ethics of online engagment – Debate Summary

Thank you for joining @SWSCmedia debate on “Social Media for Social Work and the ethics of online engagement: An evening with BASW”. This debate was used for crowdsourcing social workers opinions and will be considered by BASW for a further guide in relation to social workers’ engagement on social media. We also would like to thank … Continue reading

Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

Thank you for joining @SWSCmedia debate on Frontline and for sharing your views.  We are very pleased to have offered the first public open debate about Frontline where all participants could express their views directly to Josh MacAlister (the Founder and project lead for Frontline). We also would like to thank Josh MacAlister for participating in … Continue reading

Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

There has been much said about Frontline, the newly proposed fast-track social work qualifying programme, in different papers and media including the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Independent, and there have also been various consultations. However, there has never been the opportunity for professionals, social workers, users and providers of services, academics, organisation and … Continue reading

The ‘Politics’ of Social Work – By Nushra Mansuri @BASW_UK

First of all, I just want to say, what a great choice of subject which evokes endless debate having relevance to both previous decades and generations of social workers which for some, defines both what social work is and who social workers are today.  I have been asked to consider to what extent can social … Continue reading

Social Work Praxis – Summary of the debate on 31 January 2012 – #Socialwork Praxis

We are sorry for the delayed posting of our summary. We have had some technical problems and it has now been resolved. Therefore, below is the summary of this week’s debate (31 January 2012). Please note that from this posting forward we will post the tweets in the same order they appear in the time … Continue reading

Social Work Praxis…

Social Work and Social Care professionals are involved in the lives and everyday lived “reality” of their users of service ranging from identifying their needs, to allocation of resources, to completing a housing form, etc. This closeness to users of service and the practical nature of expected social work outcomes has generated a profound practice … Continue reading

Debate Summary for 13-Dec-2011 on Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

Last Tuesday, there was another exciting @SWSCmedia debate with social workers and social care workers from around the global participating. In fact, we had participants from 6 different countries who were keen to engage in discussion and exchange ideas, views and thoughts with regards to our rather timely topic; “Social Work and Social Care Employment … Continue reading

Social work and the recession – a lost generation of social workers? – By Nushra Mansuri

Part of my job includes representing BASW at recruitment job fairs such as Compass and Community Care Live.  One of the saddest things I have come across in the last 12 months or so, is unemployed newly qualified social workers across the country.  Earlier in the year, I participated in a discussion on Radio 5 … Continue reading

Social Work Employment in a Time of Austerity – By Ermintrude2

On Tuesday at 8pm (GMT), there will be a scheduled discussion on Twitter hosted by @swscmedia about employment in the field of social work. This blogpost is written with that discussion in mind and while the last thing I’d want to do, is present myself as an ‘expert’ in the field of employment, I have … Continue reading

Social Work and Social Care Employment in Times of Austerity

The rhetoric of better government services and increased support for vulnerable individuals and their families is contrasted with the harsh reality of significant budget cuts, reduction and/or closure of services, and various reorganisations ranging from merger of services and/or departments to retrenchment of social work and social care workers, unification of middle and top level … Continue reading

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