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Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: Commitment to Action – By Karen Adshead – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

I have been fortunate to have experiences working within different communities around the globe. Living in London, social disparity and exclusion run alongside collaborative projects for community rejuvenation and action for sustainability; wealth and prosperity offer stark contrast to rising homelessness. It is a place where even faith based groups struggled to find a just … Continue reading

Trauma-Informed Social Work Practice: What Is It and Why Should We Care? – Opinion piece by Dr. Nancy Smyth – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

Over the last 20 years there has been increasing recognition of the role that psychological trauma plays in a wide range of health, mental health and social problems. When people think of trauma, they think about experiences like war and the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. But the reality is that trauma includes a wide … Continue reading

On Becoming a Social Worker – Opinion piece by: Tim Odell MSW – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about why I became a social worker was, ‘different reasons at different times.’  It’s a developmental journey.  Early on, I related to young people because I was young myself.  Later I became interested in the application of the practical skills and theories of social … Continue reading

Social work = values + evidence + action – By Dr. Martin Webber – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

Of course, the complexity of social work cannot be reduced to a simple formula. Social work is much more than values, evidence and action, but these three words encapsulate the essence of social work and its role in contemporary society. It also conveys a clear message for us to communicate on World Social Work Day. … Continue reading

Why I am doing social work and why is it important – by @SocialWorkBSc – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

The question of “why social work” I feel is one we all hear from many people outside of the profession, I know I have from family,friends,colleagues and other university students. It is sometimes a question I dread because I often feel like I have justify going into a profession that has serious negative connotations and … Continue reading

Voices from the future: 1st year BSc social work students explore the mission of social work – Opinion piece by: Sasha Williams – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

The social work and professional practice module is taken by BSc social work students at the University of Huddersfield in their first year.  During a lecture, as part of the preparations for World Social Work day, Ruth Neville (the module leader) and I asked the students to write down what they thought the mission of … Continue reading

Debate on: The Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development – and World Social Work Day 20-March-2012 – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

Happy Social Work Day and Happy Social Work Week. This week there a are a number of events and important events and activities (both online and face-to-face) to celebrate Social Work Week #SWweek, beginning with World Social Work Day #WSWDay (Tuesday, 20 March 2012) to United Nations’ Social Work Day #UNSWDay (Monday, 26 March 2012). Therefore, our topic for this week’s debate (Tuesday, … Continue reading

Social work with men: Great potential, but much work to be done – Opinion piece by: Prof. Jonathan Scourfield – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

I’m going to address World Social Work Day not so much with outright celebration of the current state of social work, although we all need a bit of that, but rather by raising an area of social need where social work has much potential to make a contribution. That area is working with men. Historically, … Continue reading

On Social Work in Society: For me, it all comes back to Ubuntu – Opinion piece by: Relando Thompkins, MSW – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

The role & importance of Social Work in society On the journey to find ways to share this planet with one another, many conflicts have arisen and continue to arise among human beings and their environments. We have divided ourselves into various groups, with each group being given a specific value that has been used … Continue reading

The importance of social work in contemporary society – Opinion piece by Nick Berbiers – #SWSCmedia #SWweek Series #GASWSC #WSWDay #UNSWDay

One can trace the origins of social work back to pre-Modern history, but the version of social work as a practice which we would broadly recognise developed in the mid 19th century, evolving to professional status in many western countries by the early decades of the 20th. In subsequent years, industrialised society has often been … Continue reading

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