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Happy Social Work Month…

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Solution Focused Social Work – A Special Evening with Dr. Neil Thompson – Debate Summary

Thank you for joining the debate and for sharing your views regarding solution focused social work. Also our great appreciation for Dr. Neil Thompson who joined us to share his insight and experience on solution focused social work and to propose that social work should refocus its interventions on solutions making. Dr. Thompson emphasised a … Continue reading

Social Media, Social Learning and Education + CPD – By Claudia Megele (Originally published in Compass)

Social media tools and approaches, based on Web 2.0 paradigm, offer educational possibilities in so far as they can support social interaction such as sharing and exchanging information and views, collaborating, and communicating.  Therefore, here are some of the ways social media and social learning can contribute to social work and social care education and … Continue reading

Employers Social Media Policy and the Challenge of e-Professionalism

The widespread diffusion of social media and its increasing use in both personal and professional spheres combined with an abundance of information sustained by increasing out-pouring of private information into public domain, have blurred the boundaries of personal and work identities and generated significant socio-legal, cultural, economic, and psychosocial challenges. This article is an attempt … Continue reading

Voices of Children & Children’s Rights: @SWSCMedia Debate

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states: “1. States Parties shall assure to the child who is capable of forming his or her own views the right to express those views freely in all matters affecting the child, the views of the child being given due weight in … Continue reading

Values and Ethics in Social Work – Special Group Discussion @SWSCMedia

Thank you for joining the debate and sharing your views on “Values & Ethics in Social Work“ @SWSCmedia. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views on: “The Conception of Childhood and Children’s Rights” @SWSCmedia on Tuesday (9 October 2012) 8:00 PM UK / 3:00 PM ET. Summary of Debate on: Values and Ethics … Continue reading

Social Work & Social Media & Apps – @SWSCMedia Debate Summary

Thank you for joining the debate on “Social Work and Social Media Apps” @SWSCmedia and for sharing your views. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views on: “The Conception of Childhood and Children’s Rights” @SWSCmedia on Tuesday (9 October 2012) 8:00 PM UK / 3:00 PM ET. Summary of Debate on: Social Work … Continue reading

BASW Statement by Nushra Mansuri in reaction to the Channel 4 report on Child Protection & Networks Helping Families Flee Social Services

Pinch me somebody I must be dreaming Whilst we are all used to individual child protection cases being dissected by the media in the midst of a child abuse tragedy and the finger usually being roundly pointed at social workers I was shocked to see an item on Channel 4 News uncovering networks that help … Continue reading

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct: Separating the Personal from Professional – #SWSCmedia debate on 13 March 2012

The idea of separating personal from professional and that professional associations have the right to regulate and discipline their members and constrain their behaviour extends back at least into the Middle Ages when 14th century England, craft and parish guilds were asked to ensure that their members did not commit fraud, instigate unrest, etc. and if a member misbehaved, it was … Continue reading

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