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Mommy bloggers and children’s right to privacy: an evening with Sarah Kendzior

In her article “Mommy bloggers: A child’s right to online privacy” Sarah Kendzior raises a number of important points in relation to children’s online privacy such as: “Some mommy bloggers have argued that their need for total honesty trumps the responsibility to protect their child’s identity.” Sarah argues that mothers hold the key to protecting … Continue reading

Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

Thank you for joining @SWSCmedia debate on Frontline and for sharing your views.  We are very pleased to have offered the first public open debate about Frontline where all participants could express their views directly to Josh MacAlister (the Founder and project lead for Frontline). We also would like to thank Josh MacAlister for participating in … Continue reading

Frontline: The Fast-track Social Work Training Scheme… @SWSCmedia Debate

There has been much said about Frontline, the newly proposed fast-track social work qualifying programme, in different papers and media including the BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Independent, and there have also been various consultations. However, there has never been the opportunity for professionals, social workers, users and providers of services, academics, organisation and … Continue reading

Frontline Project and Social Work: An opinion piece by Josh MacAlister for @SWSCmedia Debate

It’s been an exciting and busy time for Frontline over the last few weeks and we have high hopes for the future. I am now working full time to make Frontline, a programme to boost the number of high potential graduates and career switchers in children’s social work, a reality. Never far from my thoughts … Continue reading

Social Work & Child Protection: A Broken System?

In a recent speech at the Institute of Public Policy Research, Education secretary Michael Gove started his speech by saying: “I want to begin with an admission. The state is currently failing in its duty to keep our children safe.” This comes at a time when local authority cuts are at an all-time high and … Continue reading

Adoption & Race: Interracial Adoptions… what are the issues?

4 decades ago in September 1972, in an unpublished position statement on trans-racial adoptions, the National Association of Black Social Workers in the U.S. stated: “Black children belong physically and psychologically and culturally in black families where they receive the total sense of themselves and develop a sound projection of their future. Only a black family can … Continue reading

What can we learn from Savile’s case?

TV star Jimmy Savile, who died last year at the age of 84, is believed to have been one of the UK’s most prolific sex offenders. Estimates suggest that as many as 300 people may have been abused by Savile. Savile’s case is followed by further allegations of child abuse involving MPs, judges and bankers. … Continue reading

Summary of the debate on: Voices of Children & Children’s Rights

Thank you for joining the debate and sharing your views on “Voices of Children & Children’s Rights“ @SWSCmedia. Below is the summary of the discussion and we look forward to your views in our future debates. Summary of Debate on: Voices of Children & Children’s Rights (9 October 2012) Click here or on the image below to … Continue reading

Child Protection Social Work: Separating Children from their Families? Why? When? & How?

Thank you for joining the debate on “Child Protection Social Work: Separating Children from their Families? Why? When? & How?” We changed our topic shortly before the debate to shed light on child protection practice and in response to BBC Eastenders misinformed and damaging portrayal of social work and social workers’ role and interventions. Below … Continue reading

#SWSCMedia Debate Summary: Internet & Child Abuse Offenders – what are the current challenges? With Special Guest Mark Williams-Thomas

Thank you for joining us and for sharing your views on “The Internet & Child Abuse Offenders – what are the current challenges?” @SWSCmedia. It was a lively evening with excellent contributions and our thanks and appreciation to our special guest Mark Williams-Thomas who joined us for the evening. Therefore, we look forward to your participation … Continue reading

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